The famous bad link checker Xenu is exaggerated

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Xenu is the veteran broken link checker, and it is popular in the Web programming and SEO fields, also got praise from most users. I used Xenu about 2 years also.

In the past two years, I did not find any problem, simple interface, good efficiency, clear results.

But, yesterday, accidentally, I found the “linked pages” to a URL are quite inaccurate (right-click a page, click ‘URL properties’, the bottom list on the popup window).

In other words, it means that the export links of a page have not been completely checked!

I researched these unchecked links, most are relative paths, especially, referred to the parent level resource, e.g. href=”../test.htm”. Now, I do not need to check other aspects, this is enough to discard.

Relative path is a general writing from HTML was born, but Xenu can not process it until NOW!

So, I had to give it up now – looks good, but…
Now I use the common online tool – W3C Link Checker (

Please note: if you want to check whole site or do the depth checking, please check “Check linked documents recursively, recursion depth” option and specify the depth parameter.

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