How to add Google Translate to WordPress blog

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Author: Nosa Lee
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As a blogger, you will need to allow more users to read your articles.

But many users may miss your good content due to language barrier, so you need to provide multi-language versions for your good articles, but almost nobody is good at dozens of languages, even if you are​​, you can not release the dozens of versions of each article still.

Then how to do it?
Yes, I think you have thought of Google Translate. Although it is not perfect, but is the best choice currently.
But how to add Google Translate to WordPress blog? Now I will tell you.

Log into WordPress Dashboard, click “Appearance -> Editor -> Header (header.php)“, and then add the following code
[cc lang=”html4strict”]


[cc lang=”php”]

I have tested it OK on this blog OK as you see:
Google Translate

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