Question about "Add Contextual Links" on PostLinks (Q/A)

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Author: Nosa Lee
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My Question:

Dear staff:
I have registered as a publisher and advertiser both.
On the "Add Contextual Links for…" page, a input a keyword that exists on my blog (added and activated), and select "View all matched pages" option, click "Search" button.
But I cannot find my article in the result.
This is not a problem, but, as this, how can advertiser find my blog?


This was done intentionally so the Advertisers will not be placing links and guest posts on their on blogs.

My Question:

But there are tens of millions of articles in your platform, how do you filter the result by keywords in one or two second??
Use google result?


Our programmers created a custom search feature for the services we offer.
The specific information is private and will not be disclosed.

My Reply:

Sorry, I do not want to know the algorithm,
It is just a misgiving.
Just want to know if it works properly,
If so, I have no problem now.
Thank you.

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