How much money I will earn as a Affiliate on PostLinks (Q/A)

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My Question:

About Affiliate, I can not understand following sentence completely:
"You will be paid $100 for each advertiser that you refer who buys at least $49 in text links per month. You will be paid $25 for each publisher that sells at least $2.50 in text links in at least a full month using our service."
Do you mean that:
if a advertiser purchased $49 at least in a month, I will get $100 for this month?
if a publisher sold $2.5 at least in a month, I will get $25 for this month?
If so, why I get profit more than you?
Who pay/shoulder the extra $51 or $22.25 to me?


Please note that one requirement is that the Advertiser must remain active for 45 days past the day of purchase. So the referred Advertiser must pay us for two months (at least $98). But, yes, we will pay you $100 after that 45 days for the referral.
The Publisher account must also be active for at least 45 days. So we earn the money paid by the Advertisers that buy links/posts on that web page.
We give you more profit (please note its a one time payment we send you) because we want more customers and also many customers remain active past the 45 days. So we keep earning revenue from them.
Please note we only send affiliate payments through paypal, so you must have a valid paypal account that can receive funds.

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