How to scroll to the specified row/item in ListView control of .NET and VB6

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Sometimes, we need to scroll a row/item to a visual position in ListView control (.NET: View property = Details; VB6: View property = 3 – lvwReport).

For instance: display the search result, if there are too many rows/items and you do not scroll the result item to a visual postion, the Search functionality exists in name only.

It looks very complicated, and I thought that it maybe need API at first.

But, the resolve is very simple, just use ListView.TopItem property (in VB6 is ListViewItem.EnsureVisible method).

VB 2008 Example
[cc lang=”vbnet”]
lv.TopItem = lv.SelectedItems(0) ‘ lv is a ListView control.

VB6 Example
[cc lang=”vbnet”]
lv.ListItems(100).EnsureVisible ‘ lv is a ListView control.

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