C# VB .NET: why the fore/back color setting of ListView SubItem does not work?

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Today I need to set the foreground color for a SubItem in a Details ListView, lucky, ListViewSubItem class has the ForeColor property, so I wrote the following code:

lvi.SubItems(2).ForeColor = Color.Red ‘ lvi is a ListViewItem object.

Unfortunately, it does not work, and I had tried to call ListView.Refresh following above code, no luck also. So, I tried to research all the properties and methods of ListView, ListViewItem and ListViewSubItem classes. Hard work pays off, after a few minutes, I found ListViewItem class has the UseItemStyleForSubItems property, it seems to be used in this case, and the default value is Ture. So, I tried to change it to False in my code, it works – the foreground color of ListViewSubItem appeared, and do not need to call ListView.Refresh, sample code as below:

[cc lang=”vbnet”]
Dim lvi As ListViewItem
lvi = lv.Items.Add(“Test”) ‘ lv is ListView object.
lvi.UseItemStyleForSubItems = False
lvi.SubItems.Add “Failed”
lvi.SubItems(1).ForeColor = Color.Red

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